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Testfully's Roadmap for 2024: Enhancing Your API Experience

As we stride into 2024, I wanted to take a moment to share with all of you — our valued users, partners, and supporters — the exciting journey ahead for Testfully. Our mission has always been to simplify your API experience, and this year, we're doubling down on that commitment. Let’s dive into our roadmap for 2024, which focuses on making Testfully not just a tool but a partner in your API journey.

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  • Tue Jan 30 2024

    A letter to Testfully Cloud users

    Following our recent announcement about Testfully Offline licensing, we're writing to inform our users on the Free plan about an upcoming change to this plan.

  • Tue Apr 16 2024

    Download Testfully's Desktop apps

    Our desktop and web applications offer identical user experience and feature sets. We continue to maintain and extend both apps going plan with no plan to deprecate our web application so picking the desktop or web app is primarily a personal choice. The good thing is that your data is synced between both apps so you can easily switch between them at any time.

  • Sat Mar 06 2021

    Announcing the general availability of Testfully

    Last week made the end of our beta program. We have been running smoothly in production for a bit less than 3 months and haven't had any incident so far. During our beta program, Testfully executed more than 400K tests.

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