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A letter to Testfully Cloud users

Following our recent announcement about Testfully Offline licensing, we're writing to inform our users on the Free plan about an upcoming change to this plan.

Written byMatt Valley
Published OnTue Jan 30 2024
Last UpdatedTue Jan 30 2024

Dear Testfully Community,

Four years ago, I quit my job at a local startup in Sydney, Australia to build a tool that would help me and my team build and test APIs more efficiently. Fast forward to today, and Testfully has grown into a community of over 40,000 engineering teams who use Testfully to build and test APIs. I’m humbled by the support we’ve received from the community and the feedback we’ve received from our users.

I’m reaching out today to share some crucial updates with you, and I sincerely hope you’ll lend me a few moments of your time to read this message.

I am thrilled to announce that Testfully Cloud is flourishing, mirroring the success of the broader Testfully ecosystem. Our commitment to enhancing Testfully Cloud, infused with innovative features to streamline your API development and testing processes, remains steadfast.

However, with growth comes change, particularly regarding our pricing structure. As the founder of Testfully, balancing the sustainability of our business with our user-centric philosophy has always been a paramount concern. We’ve reached a juncture where we need to reevaluate our Free plan to ensure the continued growth and sustainability of Testfully.

Therefore, we are inviting our users on the Free plan to transition to a paid plan by the end of February 2024. You can enjoy the full benefits of Testfully Cloud at no cost until this date. Post-February 2024, a paid plan will be necessary to access Testfully Cloud.

This decision was not made lightly. We’ve painstakingly considered various approaches to make this shift as equitable as possible. Operating as a bootstrapped startup, we face unique financial constraints, and sustaining a freemium model has presented its challenges. This strategic shift is aimed at bolstering our ability to enhance and support Testfully Offline for all our users.

We understand that this transition might be a concern for some of you. If you are experiencing difficulties or if this change poses a significant challenge, we encourage you to contact us at Our team is committed to working with you to explore potential solutions.

Your support and understanding mean the world to us. It is your trust in Testfully that fuels our passion to continually improve. Should you have any queries, concerns, or if you simply wish to discuss this further, I am just an email away at

With heartfelt thanks and best regards,

Matt, Founder of Testfully

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