How to start with Testfully?

Start by monitoring your API using Testfully, it’s very straigh-forward and we have an article for API Monitoring using our platform, you need 5 mins to setup everyhing. Continue with having test cases for some of the critical features of your API. If you have a local version of your API running, try running test cases against the local API to see the real power of using Testfully.
No! Testfully is a cloud-based product and our dashboard is a web application. You simply need to create an account and you’re good to use our product.
No, at all! We don’t need to have access to your servers or Github repositories to be able to test your API.
Yes, Testfully offers a free plan with almost all of the features that are available for our paid plans.
Software engineers (Backend, front-end, mobile), Dev-ops engineers and software testers.
We’re here to help. Please drop an email to with your questions. Don’t forget to watch our Product Demo and subscrtibe to our Youtube Channel as we publish educational content about platform in a regular basis.