API Client

Power is at Your Fingertips, Elevate Your API Development

Meet our API Client: powerful, easy to use, and with both Cloud and Offline storage. Designed for flexibility, it seamlessly fits into any workflow.


An IDE with all essential tools

  • An Easy SwitchPostman, Insomnia, Swagger, and more

    Easily transfer your data from Postman or Insomnia directly into Testfully.

  • Multi PlatformAll major operating systems

    Use Testfully On Windows, Mac, Linux or via a modern browser.

  • One-Click ExportA human-readable & Git-friendly format

    Effortlessly export requests and folders, customize data, and store in a Git repo.

  • Dark & Light modeOne app, two elegant modes

    Testfully comes with both dark & light mode so you can pick the set up you need most.

  • By-pass SSL ErrorsCustomisable SSL settings

    Disable SSL certificate verification during testing or development, enable for production.

  • Proxy SettingsDebug, Inspect, and more

    Apply proxy settings uniformly to all requests in a folder.

  • Flexible StorageCloud-native or local storage

    Choose cloud convenience or local control for your data storage.

  • CookiesCapture, store, and manage cookies

    Capture, attach, and manage cookies using Cookie Manager

  • Code EditorJSON, Javascript and more

    Easily work on your API requests with a built-in code editor.

  • CLIUse Testfully via terminal

    Execute tests through the terminal and seamlessly integrate with your CI/CD pipelines.


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