Download Testfully's Desktop apps

Download Testfully's Desktop apps

TLDR; Testfully offers desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It offers the same functionalities as the web app. As an API client, we highly recommend using our desktop app instead of the web app.


Testfully’s desktop application for Windows supports Windows 10 and Windows 11. Our Mac app supports Mac OS 12 at the moment with a plan to support Mac OS 11. You can run the Mac app on both Intel and Silicon chips.

Please use the below links to download the latest version of Testfully.

OS Supported version Installer Download
Windows Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit only) .msi Download
Mac macOS Monterey 12 (Intel & Sillicon) .app Download
Mac macOS Monterey 12 (Intel & Sillicon) .dmg Download
Linux All major distros (x86_64 architecture) .AppImage Download

Desktop vs. Web

Our desktop and web applications offer identical user experiences and feature sets. We continue to maintain and extend both apps going forward. That said, if you’re using Testfully as an API Client and have one of the following requirements, we suggest you use the desktop app.

  • Using self-signed SSL certificates

    If you’re building an API and using self-signed SSL certificates, you cannot use Testfully’s web app to send requests to your API endpoints. This is because browser API does not offer a way to disable SSL verification. On the other hand, our desktop app can disable SSL verification when needed.

  • API endpoints without CORS configuration

    Testfully’s web app cannot send requests to API endpoints that have not enabled CORS. This is because Testfully’s web app uses the native browser API that does not offer a way to disable CORS. On the other hand, our desktop app can work with any endpoint.

Installing the Linux app

Testfully app for Linux relies on libfuse2 to work. If you’re getting an error related to fuse2, please install the lib. Ubuntu users, please run sudo apt install libfuse2 to install libfuse2.


Feel free to reach out via our chat box on this page or via for any technical issues regarding our desktop applications.

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