Announcing the general availability of Testfully

Announcing the general availability of Testfully

Last week made the end of our beta program. We have been running smoothly in production for a bit less than 3 months and haven’t had any incident so far. During our beta program, Testfully executed more than 400K tests for our beta testers. To all of our beta testers, a BIG thank you!

We have enabled the monthly usage quota

During our beta program, we didn’t set any limits to the usage of Testfully, you could run as many as tests you wanted. This allowed our beta testers to push Testfully to the limits and helped us observe performance of our platform. Starting today, usage of our platform is limited to what your current billing plan offers. Please review your current billing plan via Settings > Billing Plan and upgrade if you need more usage credit.

Access your current usage

You might have noticed a new section in dashboard nav bar. This new widget shows your current usage and updates automatically.

Testfully UI for usage report

Usage reminders

We will keep you in loop about your monthly usage. Once your workspace reaches out 50% usage, owner of the workspace receives an email from us. We will continue to remind you when workspace usage reaches 80% and 100%.


What happens when I reach 100% usage?

Once you reach 100%, we allocate an extra 5% to your monthly usage for free and remind you via email to upgrade your account. Once your workspaces uses the extra 5%, Testfully will disable your automations and you won’t be able to run your test cases via our server. You can continue to access your workspace & run tests in browser even after you use all of your credit for a month.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

Yes! You can. Login to your dashboard and upgrade at any time. You can use Testfully straight away.

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