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Import NPM packages, improved tabs, oauth2, SSO, and a much faster desktop app!

How quickly time passes by! It seems like only a moment ago we were ringing in the new year of 2023, and here we are in February 2024 already. We sincerely hope your year has kicked off wonderfully, and we're thrilled to catch you up on the latest happenings at Testfully. Just a short while back, I shared a glimpse into Testfully's 2024 roadmap, and now, I'm even more excited to reveal the first set of updates we've rolled out in January 2024.

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  • Fri Jan 26 2024

    A letter to Testfully Offline users

    5 months ago, we launched Testfully Offline, a Cloud-free API Client solution, and a great Postman ScratchPad alternative. Today, we're giving an update about the current state of Testfully Offline, our vision for Testfully Offline and announcing some changes to our licensing model.

  • Fri Jan 05 2024

    What's New in Testfully: December 2023

    Happy New Year, and welcome to the 7th edition of What's New in Testfully newsletter! In December, we introduced a brand-new Testfully CLI, added support for XML and SOAP API endpoints, the ability to import OpenAPI Spec 3.0 and 3.1, BDD-Style Testing with Testfully, working with folder variables via Testfully Scripts, and a few other improvements which we're excited to share with you so let's get started.

  • Mon Dec 04 2023

    Product Updates: November 2023

    Welcome to the 6th edition of What's New in Testfully newsletter! In November, we finally released our new website, added support for adjustable request timeout, being able to import a cURL command, and a few other improvements which we're excited to share with you.

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