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Product Updates: June 2023

June 2023 brought three new features: OAuth2 authorization for requests, private folders and access control, and Import Swagger 2.0 spec. Furthermore, we have introduced more Testfully Functions and fixed bugs! Let's go through both new features and improvements together and see what we got lined up for July 2023.

Written byMatt Valley
Published OnMon Jul 03 2023
Last UpdatedMon Jul 03 2023

Thirty months after the initial release of Testfully, we thought it’s a good time to start writing monthly product updates about our product and discuss new features in more detail so without further ado, let’s dig in!

We work closely with our users to shape the future of our product so if you have a feature in mind, please do share it with me via

OAuth2 Authorization

OAuth2 authorization is one of the most requested features so far and it was time to finally support this authorization scheme.

Testfully OAuth2 Support

OAuth2 follows the same pattern as other authorization mechanisms and is available for requests. Furthermore, you can configure OAuth2 for an environment, and let Testfully acquire and set the token for all of the requests.

OAuth2 supports the following features:

  • Testfully automatically acquires the token when needed so you don’t need to manually trigger the OAuth2 flow.
  • When it comes to renewing a token, Testfully acquires a new token for you so you shouldn’t see Unauthorized errors.
  • We support Authorization Code, Authorization Code (using PKCE), Implicit, Resource-Owner Password, and Client Credentials.
  • OAuth2 can be set for an environment or a request.

Private & Access Control for folders

So far, a Testfully workspace has been a place to share all of your requests with your colleagues. This month, we released the ability to set permissions for folders.

Testfully Supports Folder Permissions

In a nutshell:

  • A folder can be set to be Private
  • A folder can be set to be available for all workspace users (Default behavior)
  • You can cherry-pick who has access to folders

Import Swagger 2.0 specification

At Testfully, we strongly believe you should be able to easily import your data via other tools or standard formats. Every month, we work on a new tool or format and this month we decided to introduce the support of Swagger 2.0 specifications. Next month, we will release support for Open API Spec 3.0 and 3.1!

The Swagger 2.0 Importer allows our users to:

  • import all requests in your Swagger file
  • create folders for associated tags
  • leverage Testfully global and environment variables when placeholders are used

New Testfully Functions

Thanks to the new Testfully Functions we introduced this month, generating data for your request payloads is easier than ever!

Testfully Random Functions

Testfully Date & Time Functions

Testfully Functions have received two new groups of functions:

  • Using Random functions you can generate random data for your request payloads
  • Using Date & Time functions you can use get the current time and use it
  • Learn more

July Backlog

For July 2023, we have planned the following features and have already started working on them. Don’t forget to check our Changelog as we release every week.

  • Ability to import Insomnia collections
  • Ability to import OpenAPI Spec 3.0 and 3.1
  • Authorization for folders, similar to environments
  • Drag & Drop support for organizing requests and folders
  • Ordering folders and requests

We work closely with our users to shape the future of our product so if you have a feature in mind, please do share it with me via

That’s all for June 2023. We hope these new features help you be more productive at work. Have fun and see you next month!

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