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Introducing Testfully Offline: Your Cloud-Free API Client Solution

At Testfully, innovation is our driving force. We're excited to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our lineup: Testfully Offline, an offline version of our esteemed Saas Product in the API Client sphere. This desktop application presents an identical experience to our cloud-based offering, with a significant twist that puts the power in your hands.

Written byMatt
Published OnMon Aug 07 2023
Last UpdatedMon Aug 07 2023

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How to use Testfully Offline

Empowering Security and Privacy

We understand that security and privacy are paramount concerns for many organizations and individuals. With Testfully Offline, you now have the option to keep your data right where you want it: on your computer. No more worries about data residing in the cloud.

Testfully Offline caters to those who prioritize ownership of their data and require the utmost control over its location.

Seamless Functionality, Anywhere

Our commitment to delivering seamless API client experiences remains unwavering. Testfully Offline mirrors the cloud-based version’s functionality down to the smallest detail. Whether it’s managing API requests or testing endpoints, you’ll enjoy the same smooth operation you’ve come to expect.

A Postman Scratchpad Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Postman Scratchpad? Testfully Offline could be the alternative. The table below demonstrates how Testfully Offline compares to Postman ScratchPad.

FeaturePostman ScratchPadTestfully Offline
Environments & GlobalsYesYes
Environment-based authorizationNoYes
Collections, folders and sub-foldersYesYes
Folder-based authorizationYesYes
Folder VariablesYesYes
Run a Collection or FolderYes, limitedYes, Unlimited
Pre/Post request scriptingYesComing Soon
Restful APIYesYes
GraphQL APIYesYes
gRPCYesComing Soon
WebSocketYesComing Soon
SOAPYesComing Soon
Request Params, Headers, AuthYesYes
Inspect Response to RequestsYesYes
AutomationRequires scriptingTestfully Actions
No Code API TestingNoYes
Request ChainingNoYes
Import from PostmanN/AYes
HTTP ProxyYesYes
SSL VerificationYesYes


Two Versions to Suit Your Needs

Testfully Offline comes in two editions tailored to your requirements: Free and Paid.

The Free version grants access to core API client features, accommodating personal, open source, and not-for-profit project. This edition ensures that individuals, Open Soruce contributors, and Non-Profit organizations can harness the power of Testfully Offline.

For commercial use or for those seeking even more, our Paid version offers advanced capabilities for a nominal price. Priced at just $99 per license (lifetime), this version grants you a host of benefits.

Embrace the Future with Testfully Offline

As we take this stride into the realm of offline solutions, we’re eager to provide you with a tool that caters to your diverse requirements. Whether you value heightened security or the freedom to control your data, Testfully Offline is here to revolutionize your API client experience.

Sales Inquiries & Questions

If you’re interested in purchasing the premium license for Testfully Offline or have questions, please reach out to


Do I need to use a different desktop app for Testfully Offline?

No, Testfully’s desktop app is updated to support both Cloud and Offline capabilities so you don’t need to have two different apps.

Can I use my “Offline Workspace” while logged in to my Testfully account?

Yes, absolutely. Use the “Switch Workspace” menu and switch between any of offline and cloud workspaces.

Can I convert my Cloud workspace to an Offline workspace?

You cannot convert a Cloud workspace to Offline one, but you can export your data and import them.

Can I have multiple Offline workspaces?

With a paid license for Testfully Offline, you can have unlimited offline workspaces. The free app only offers one workspace.

What hapens when I delete Testfully app?

Testfully app and the stored data will be deleted.

Can I backup / export my data?

The backup and export feature is currently under development.

Does Testfully Offline use the Cloud for sending requests?

No, we use your internet connection and computing power to send requests.

Does Testfully Offline use the Cloud for importing data?

Yes, as a temporarily solution. We’re working to port our import feature so your data does not reach out servers. That said, we don’t store your data.

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