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From uptime to performance, monitoring your APIs is a must.

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Introduction to Synthetic API Monitoring

Learn more about Synthetic API Monitoring basics. Understand how it impersonates user activities to proactively detect API issues before end-users are affected to deliver ideal performance and reliability for a rather friendly user experience and learn more about its benefits and best practices.

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  • Fri Mar 22 2024

    A guide to API health check

    At its core, the API health check is an API monitoring method that checks your API and alerts you when it notices something's amiss. Consider it a diagnostic tool for your codebase that can help you find problems before they become more significant headaches than they need to be.

  • Tue Jun 22 2021

    Top 4 API Fortress alternatives

    API Fortress is one of the leading API integration testing and monitoring tools and if you are reading this article, you are likely interested in API testing and API monitoring and have tried API Fortress in the past. This article will review the top 4 API Fortress alternatives for API testing and monitoring purposes.

  • Wed Jan 10 2024

    Top 13 API monitoring tools (2024 Review)

    APIs have become one of the core components of many software systems today. As soon as an API becomes unavailable, some or all parts of dependent software systems become unavailable, so it's essential for software teams of any size to monitor their running APIs closely and act as soon as the API monitoring tool identifies and reports an abnormality.


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