Example test to signup a new user

Test Cases

Test cases are a way to validate correctness of your API. A test consists of one or more steps, the actual HTTP requests.

Using the Test Editor you can define shape of your HTTP requests (method, URL, headers and body) and define the expected response, headers.

Testfully allows you to run the tests on-demand or in background.


Tests are executed against your local or hosted API. We call them simply Environments. Good thing is that you can run tests against any environment so there is no reason to not run your tests against staging & production! It’s fully supported.

Example environment called production in Testfully
Example config called base-url


Configs are values like access tokens, API URL, Usernames and Passwords. You can embed them in your test cases. You can have a single config for all of the environments or have different values per environment.

Random Data

Random data templates can be embedded in steps, giving you the ability to generate request payloads with the shape you want.

You can use any of the built-in data generators or configure your own templates and use them within your tests.

example test that uses random data in header fields
a list of collections


Group relevant test cases together and run them in parallel with one click. Tests can be included in multiple collections.

API Monitoring

Monitor your running API by running your test collections in autopilot mode. Testfully make sure your test collections are executed in provided time intervals.

example of automating execution of tests
example of configuration to receive alerts when tests fail


Receive alerts as soon as executed tests (in autopilot mode) fail. We support SMS, Email and Slack.


Collaborate your teammates and build a test strategy for your API together.

example of managing access of a member