Job Opportunity

Lead Front-end Engineer (React, Typescript, Tailwind)

  • Location: Remote
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM with a 4-hour overlap with the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • Employment: Long-term Contract (full-time)

Hey 👋 Thanks for stopping by and checking our job listing.

We’re on the hunt for a skilled Lead Frontend Engineer to join our engineering team. We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a passion for building word-class tools for software engineers.

The Opportunity

As a Lead Front-end Software Engineer at Testfully, you will be a crucial player in our product development team. You will be responsible for the architecture, development, and maintenance of our web and desktop apps, built using state-of-the-art front-end technologies. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless application functionality and deliver high-quality products. You will have autonomy to perform your role while reporting directly to the CTO and collaborating closely with the Head of Product.

You will be in a lead function while you fully work independently. You must be able to deliver on team and individual goals as well as contribute to the overall product roadmap and innovation of the business. Contribute to the improvement of the development team by constantly updating yourself and sharing your knowledge with the rest of the team.

Main Responsibilities

  • Take high-level written and verbal requirements and convert them into quality code, quickly and independently.
  • Write high-quality code and deliver engaging experiences using the latest in front-end technologies, including React, TypeScript, Tailwind, RxJS and GraphQL.
  • Develop, test, and maintain Testfully’s Design System using Typescript, React, Tailwind and Radix UI.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of our software development best practices across the front-end technology stack and across the development cycle.
  • Keep up to date with best practices and latest technologies

Technical Competencies

  • 5+ years of solid hands-on experience in designing & developing web applications, including at least three years with React & Typescript.
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
  • Must have demonstrated at least one year of supervisory experience.
  • Expert in modern Javascript, Typescript, React and Tailwind CSS.
  • Good understanding of RxJS, GraphQL and Git.
  • Proficiency in modern coding and design practices. For example, Clean Code, SOLID principals, and TDD.
  • Commercial experience in building and maintaining large-scale production platforms using modern web technologies.
  • Be able to write clean, well-organised code while making appropriate trade-offs between performance, robustness and maintainability.
  • Strong understanding of front-end software architecture.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Rust, Golang and Node.js
  • Experience in back-end development (GraphQL, ETL, Restful)
  • Habits for writing clean code
  • Open-source contributor
  • Experience in DevTooling or related fields

Personal Attributes

  • You can demonstrate a high level of initiative and the ability to work independently with minimal supervision, take ownership, and be reliable. You can manage your work weekly, consistently deliver high-quality material on time, and demonstrate above-average productivity.
  • You’re always pushing yourself to improve and learn. You are an embodiment of the “Growth Mentality”.
  • Fluency in English and ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to accurately describe issues to stakeholders, developers, and project managers.
  • Maintain high standards of accuracy and attention to detail in all aspects of work.
  • Thrive in a dynamic work environment, readily adjusting to changing priorities and conditions.
  • Show a willingness to think outside the box and contribute creative solutions to challenges.
  • Make high-level decisions by weighing options between code quality, issues, and timely code releases.
  • Commercial experience in at least one B2B SaaS company.
  • Strong product sense and a passion for DevTools.

What you will be working on

  • Develop, extend, and maintain Testfully’s web and desktop applications using React, Typescript, Tailwind, RxJS and GraphQL.
  • Develop, test, and maintain Testfully’s Design System using Typescript, React, Tailwind and Radix UI.
  • Develop, extend, and maintain Testfully’s marketing website and documentation, using Next.js, Astro, Tailwind and MDX.
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of our software development best practices across the front-end technology stack and across the development cycle.

Testfully Perks and Benefits

  • Remote Work Flexibility: Experience the convenience and comfort of working remotely and connecting with a dynamic team from anywhere in the Philippines; all you need is a stable internet connection and a hunger to make things happen.
  • Competitive Pay: Your salary will reflect your experience, ensuring fair and rewarding compensation.
  • Annual Salary Review: As you grow with us, your salary will too, with periodic increases to recognise your contributions.
  • Ongoing Training & Development: We invest in your growth through continuous learning and development opportunities.
  • Growth Opportunities: A growth trajectory that extends upward and outward, encouraging you to follow your passions and learn new skills.

Why you might not be a fit?

  • Unwillingness to roll up your sleeves: we won’t sugarcoat it – working in an early-stage startup is demanding, but is also exciting! Our team thrives on a culture where everyone is willing to get their hands dirty to build Testfully, shaping the product, and delivering exceptional value to our customers.
  • Uncomfortable with uncertainty: early-stage startups are dynamic and fast-paced environments. Priorities may shift frequently as we navigate the unpredictable nature of the startup journey.
  • Not ok with real-time feedback: we encourage learning from errors, quickly. We give quick and direct feedback. Time is a precious resource, and constructive feedback helps us iterate and innovate more efficiently. While our feedback is direct, it is rooted in care, kindness, and a genuine desire for individual and collective growth.

How to Apply

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please follow the below instructions:

  • Prepare the following documents:
    • The latest version of your resume.
    • A cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and expected monthly salary.
  • Submit your application via email to with the subject line “Lead Front-end Engineer (React, Typescript, Tailwind)“.
  • We will review your application and let you know about the next steps.

Interview Process

We follow a 6-step process to interview candidates:

  • Initial Interview: We will invite you to a quick 15-minute call to get to know you better and introduce you to Testfully.
  • Technical Interview: We will invite you to a 45-minute technical interview with the CTO of Testfully.
  • Coding Challenge: We will send you a coding challenge. You need to implement a solution and send it back to us as a Git repository.
  • Pair Programming: We will set a 45-minute call to go through your solution together and do a few pair programming activities on a call.
  • Cultural Interview: We will meet you to discuss the cultural aspect of the role.
  • Job Offer: We will send you a job offer detailing your position, compensation and start date.

About Testfully

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, we are on a mission to drive Enterprise API Innovation and Efficiency with Next-Gen Automation & Delegation. Testfully’s vision is to be the ultimate tool for developers to fully delegate various stages of API Development, transforming the way we create & manage APIs. From a bootstrapped start-up in Sydney, we’ve grown into a profitable company, serving over 40,000 teams worldwide. Our customers include Fortune 500, 100, 50 and many governments.

Testfully is a bootstrapped startup from Sydney, Australia.
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