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GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

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Mastering GraphQL Error Handling: Strategies, Best Practices, and Future Trends

Explore the complexities of GraphQL error handling with our comprehensive guide. Learn from industry leaders, understand best practices, and stay ahead with emerging trends in GraphQL error management.

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  • Mon Jan 24 2022

    Top 10 GraphQL clients

    GraphQL is one of the hottest topics in the API development world, and that's for good reasons: GraphQL APIs address many of the issues that we had with Restful and SOAP APIs. This article goes through the Top 10 GraphQL clients you can use today to develop and use GraphQL API.

  • Tue Jul 20 2021

    What is GraphQL

    GraphQL is a query language for data graphs. Companies build and use GraphQL APIs to query data efficiently. Unlike Restful APIs, you can tell a GraphQL API what you exactly need, and the API returns the data you have requested. Moreover, you can batch multiple queries into one to fetch the data you need faster. In this article, I will introduce GraphQL and how it works.

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