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Testfully CLI: Run requests and test scenarios via terminal

Testfully CLI allows our users to run requests and test scenarios via terminal, effectively enabling them to integrate Testfully with their existing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines. Testfully CLI is developed with flexibility in mind and works seamlessly with both Cloud and Offline versions of Testfully.

Written byMatt Valley
Published OnWed Dec 27 2023
Last UpdatedWed Dec 27 2023

At its core, Testfully CLI is a tool to send requests and run test scenarios via the terminal. Testfully CLI enables our users to integrate their automated API testing efforts with their existing SDLC processes. It uses the same engine as Testfully App to run requests, so you can expect the same level of performance and reliability. Similar to Testfully App, Testfully CLI uses host machines’ resources to run requests and test scenarios, making it a high-performance, low-latency, reliable and privacy-focused tool.

To keep things simple, secure and reliable, Testfully CLI does not connect to the Cloud or any external services. It does not store any data on your computer, and it does not require an internet connection to run requests. Source your data by providing the files as arguments, and Testfully CLI will take care of the rest.


Testfully CLI offers a range of features to make it easy for you to run tests and collections via the terminal. Here are some of the features:

  • Run requests and test scenarios via the terminal
  • Cherry-pick requests and test scenarios to run by providing the --request-id or the --folder-id as argument
  • Debug issues by enabling verbose logging using the --verbose argument
  • Load config from an environment by providing --environment-id as an argument

Integration with CI / CD pipelines

Testfully CLI was developed from the ground up to work with major CI/CD tools, and we have made this tool available for major Linux distros, Mac and Windows. To use Testfully CLI as part of your CI/CD process, please download the related binary and start using it.


  • Node.js version 16 or higher
  • A Node Package Manager such as npm or yarn.


Install Testfully CLI globally using npm or yarn.

# Install using npm
npm install -g @testfully/cli

# or install using yarn
yarn global add @testfully/cli

Available commands

You can run the testfully --help command to get the instructions in your terminal. This section documents the available commands:

  • testfully run runs tests & collections
  • testfully --version prints current version of Testfully CLI

To learn more about the available commands, please refer to the Testfully CLI documentation.

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